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I was going to delete this post and take the SocialVibe off the site because it didn’t seem to work.  But, after looking at the insights I saw that half of yesterday’s viewers actually did raise funds for The Trevor Project!  So even though the counter on my page isn’t working, we are still doing good things!  Thanks, that’s very exciting to me!

Last winter, I watched a dear friend struggle to support his loved one who had been viciously attacked on the streets of Chelsea.  As the weeks passed, I watched him battle all kinds of emotions.  Trying to stay brave and strong for his friend, he sometimes confided his fear to me. Chelsea was a community where gays didn’t have to be afraid.  He wondered how many people passed by his friend, crawling in the street, before an officer finally found him.  “We have to remember it’s STILL a CITY and we have to be careful”. As his friend healed, he shared this with me “When he showers it’s like his whole face comes off.  It scabs over again and the process repeats”  That was 2009.  Now, it suddenly seems hard to say where is a safe place to be a gay in NYC.  Where is it safe to be yourself in our country?

You may have noticed the SocialVibe Widget on the right side of my page.  Here’s how it works, you click on it and do the activities hosted by the advertising partner(s).  It doesn’t take long.  In my experience thus far, it has been a survey with a “see us at…”. When you’ve completed the activity the counter will show you the reward earned for the cause we are supporting.

In light of the recent outbreak in suicides of LGBTQ teens, as well as, the increase of gay hate crimes here in my city, I am currently asking this community to support the Trevor Project.

With a few clicks you can provide online counseling to a teen in trouble!  Please take a few moments and check out SocialVibe ——–>

Thank you.

We can make a difference!


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