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West Glacier Trail


I USUALLY don’t think to myself, “I can’t do that”. If something needs to be done, I do it.  If I have an army to help – great, if not – okay.

Wednesday, as I was carrying huge tubs of books, cds and dvds down my four flights of stairs, this stubborn independence made me laugh.  The soreness of my muscles, two days later, is not so funny.

Could I have asked for and received a hand? Surely.


So, this morning I headed out to my park for a run.  I got to the base of our little mountain and I wanted to climb up to the top.   I used to do this regularly when I had returned from my summer in Alaska.

” But, there is no marked trail!  It is steep!  Those leaves will make it slippery! The top is so very far away!  Maybe I CAN’T do it.”, I found myself thinking.  Ick!  Where did that little voice come from?! And so, there I stood at the base of a little mountain talking myself up it.

To be honest, I’m talking myself up “the mountain” more and more.  That’s so exciting, firstly, because I realize that the apex affords great rewards.  Secondly, I grow stronger from the challenge of the climb.


These pictures were taken in Juneau.  My friend, Allan, took me on this amazing, hard core hike to the face of Mendenhall Glacier.  We spent hours exploring the ice caves.  It was the most amazing gift! Truly, though, if Allan wasn’t there, I’d still be trying to find my way home.

Perhaps these musing were meant to remind us to forge our own trails but not be too proud to ask for guidance or a hand when we need it.


Allan in an ice cave under Mendenhall Glacier

Ice Caves



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