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I find television shows that clobber you with their message annoying.  Take 7th Heaven for instance, you’d know in the first five minutes the “moral” and the next hour would be spent with bricks being thrown at your head, one after the other.  Leaving you looking forward to the sweet relief of a commercial break.  Of course, I could have turned the station, but I’ve always been a glutton for punishment.  Like any good rubber-necker I was curious to see just how bad it could get.


I’ve always been bad a math.  I had tutors, I flunked, I went to summer school.  I hated it.   I told myself time and time again, I’m an artist, I’m right brained.  To compound matters, I’m a lefty! The cards were simply stacked against me in the math department.  Even a month ago I was still joking, “I’m a musician, I only have to count to four”.

Then Tuesday night, in the business class I am taking, I volunteered to put my work on the board.  We’re in the profit planning section of the course.  I put up two complicated financial plans and worked through the math for the entire class.  During our break, I helped a fellow classmate with some concepts that were troubling her.  I stayed after class to work with the teacher on some hypothetical scenarios, for the fun of it.

I’ve never been a good sight singer.  I’ve always had a bad ear. Then tonight our band was going to do a song we’d never rehearsed, for a service.  I had gotten the sheet music earlier today and hadn’t been able to look it over.  To make matters worst, the daughter of the composer was going to be there.   I was going to bow out of doing the song, but I didn’t.  I turned off the voices and tuned into the band.  After the service, the daughter came to me and thanked me for singing her father’s song so beautifully.

On my way home with friends tonight, we got to talking about my progress in class.  Someone asked what had changed?  Had something finally clicked?

No, I just stopped telling myself I was bad at it.

She then said, we can talk ourselves into a lot of things, can’t we?  After a moment, I said:

Out of a lot of things, is more like it.


I won’t bore you with tales of the other pebbles and stones thrown my way this week, along with the aforementioned bricks.  It was a good reminder that sometimes the universe does work just like 7th Heaven.  Maybe some people get the message quicker than others, but the most important thing is that we ALL get the message.

So, tomorrow as I finish preparing for a very stressful  and extremely challenging acting job this weekend, I will remind myself of the moral of this week’s “story”:

What we think we can OR cannot do, really determines what we can AND cannot do.


Comments on: "We’ll Be Back After These Messages…" (4)

  1. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Terry,

    Thank you for this inspiring blog post! Reminds me of the Henry Ford quote: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” I think a lot of our motivation is related to our passions. Back in high school, who really cared about math except for those who were interested in it? Now that you’re using math to fund your art, it’s a whole other ball game. Your aptitude was always there, but you were passionate about other things at the time! Congratulations on this discovery!!

    Your blog post also reminds me that the bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly. Its body is too big to be carried by its wings. BUT the bee didn’t have anyone to tell her that, so she flies anyway – hahaha!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Carla.

    Thanks for your comment and reminding me of this post. Maybe it will tie itself into my graduation speech. Excellent points made and I appreciated the bumblebee antic dote as I never have before.

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