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They say that change in the only constant.  Fine and dandy, I say.  But why does everything have to constantly change?!  😀

Kids in the STAR program

Two years ago, I had a “changes everything” summer.  I spent nearly three months directing and producing in Juneau, Alaska.  Surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty, collaborating with talented artists of all ages and building relationships with driven passionate people who invested their energies in me, made my tiny world a lot bigger.


Common Ground Band

I returned to NYC a different woman – braver and stronger.  I had a new perspective and a substantial objective.  Unfulfilled by the status quo life of a performing artist, I came home wanting to change the world.  To make it a better place.  Thankfully, my artistic friends were feeling the same way. So Community Stages was born.


Joel Barker said: Vision without action is merely a dream.  When you shift into action you better hang onto your hat. For every step you take the universe seems to take fifty.


When I took my concept for Community Stages into the 16 week business workshop I just completed through WIBO, I did not envision myself as class speaker, addressing more than 100 entrepreneurs at my graduation.  Yet, that’s what came to be.  With the support, guidance and encouragement of just a handful of generous classmates and talented leaders I transformed from a dreamer to the Founder and Director of what will, eventually, be a national non-profit community building organization.


Growth isn’t always  easy.  They don’t call them “growing pains” for nothing.  Change can be hard!  But it is inevitable. Would you want it any other way?  So what do we do when the universe is whirling around us in excited, frenetic energy?  Hide under a blanket?  No.  I say hang onto your hat with one and and reach out with the other.

Better yet, let go of your hat all together.   That way you can give as well as you receive.  Relationships are our biggest asset.  Build community.

As your universe expands I hope that your capacity to connect with others does, as well.



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