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I had been working on some thoughts to share regarding hopefulness.  I’ve been working on that post for more than a week.  I keep putting it aside because my hopefulness keeps being interrupted.


Tonight I’m contemplating the blessing and curse that is our communication technology.

Today, thanks to breaking online local news and Facebook,  I learned that a great girl I went to high school with, died in a head on collision LAST night.  She was funny and inspiring –  one of the few teenage girls I met who, somehow,  knew who she was and completely owned it!

Also, today on Facebook I learned that a former colleague is expecting her second baby via this status:

Out of Office Auto-Reply:
I am currently on a 9month vacation & will return on or around mid August.
Melanie’s period 😉

I’ve wept watching Youtube videos of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, in Japan.  With the help of Google Translator, I’ve been able to stay abreast of the situations of my Japanese friends awaiting word from their loved ones.  One such friend wrote on her Facebook wall:

I follow my hometown twitter account and get the most updated news of planned blackout in Mitaka, Tokyo and tell my mom through Skype. I noticed these internet technologies are super useful under emergent situation. But She doesn’t use them so get the info from me in Alaska. It’s kind of funny.

Thanks to live video stream, I felt as if I were part of the Egyptian revolution.  I spent all hours of the night watching that stream and IMing with a friend who lives a few blocks away.

I stay up to date on my friends’ health crises through websites like Caring Bridge and Care Pages.  These websites let everyone know what’s going on without the time consuming and mentally draining task of endless phone calls and conversations.

  • I found out that my brother-in-law was critically wounded in an explosion, via text message.
  • My friend sent a mass email,  after her mother passed away.
  • I know who’s together and who isn’t any longer via Facebook relationship updates.
  • Twitter tells me the latest things I didn’t even know I needed to know.
  • Foursquare…well let’s just say, I’m grateful to know that everyone is taking advantage of the Shamrock Shakes!

It can be a burden to know everything, to carry the weight of everyones concerns all the time. Yet, I can also appreciate the support is provides people.

Thank God for the person who picks up the phone after reading “Tonight I end it all, I’m sorry.”

But here’s the crux, for me.  I’ve wished someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook, saw them later that day and failed to remember it was their Birthday.  Reading/seeing something and thus knowing it, is not the same as being part of it.  Even if you have shared, commented, re-tweeted or reposted it.  If we do not reach out human to human we lack humanity.

  • If you write “I’m praying for you” – do.
  • If you write “let’s get a coffee soon” – make the date and have face time.
  • If you write “I’m here for you”- pick up the phone.

I don’t want this technology to trick me into thinking I am connected in my isolation. For me, I want to feel your arms around me, see the smile on your face and hear you laugh out loud. Enjoy James Taylor and Carol King’s performance of You’ve Got A Friend.


BUT YES, I will still pray for you, “like” your good news and comment on your pictures.



Comments on: "Hope Interrupted for More Breaking News" (2)

  1. Jeanine Bisbano said:

    Very well stated, Ter – now you know part of why I don’t partake in Facebook and such. I can also promise you that when I say I’m praying for you, I am actually doing it, and when I think of you, I smile. I also look forward to seeing you and giving you that long overdue hug 🙂


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