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I did a lot of walking today.   With the start of my Alaskan adventure only one and a half weeks away, I have plenty on my mind.  With so many things that need to be done both personally and professionally, I found it nearly impossible to stay on task.  Or more accurately, to stay on one task.

I found myself in Inwood Hill Park four times today.  I made phone calls and I jotted notes in my notebook, but mostly I just breathed deeply and took in the sights.    At one point I scooted out on to a branch over the water, not an easy task since I was wearing a sun dress.  There were all kinds of birds on the waterfront.

But what really took my breath away today was a regular old mallard.  I saw her making her way toward my tree and in her wake were the three smallest chicks I’ve ever seen outside of their egg shells.

As they swam beneath the branch I was perched on, the momma duck quacked some orders and the chicks swam ahead of her.  Those chicks were no bigger than my thumb.

“Like a duck to water”, I get it.




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